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  • suyashdesai10

Donald Trump Endorsement: India's Calculated

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s indirect endorsement of President Donald Trump for the White House is a calculated risk. India’s gains from the US in the next few months would determine the merit of this endorsement. But an unapologetic India doesn’t care about its grand old foreign policy’s dogmatic values and principles. “The words of candidate Trump – Abki Baar Trump Sarkar rang loud and clear and his celebration in the White House lit up millions of faces with joy and appreciation."

With these remarks, Prime Minister Modi indirectly endorsed President Trump’s candidature in front of 50,000 Indian-Americans in Houston, Texas. The event received one of the largest receptions for a foreign leader in the US. But Modi’s interference in the domestic politics of the US has created a furore in India’s academic, journalistic and scholarly community. The community is divided on the unprecedented-ness of this move.


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